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Pauline and Leanne’s wee bar serving up quality local, organic and biodynamic beer, wine, cheese and nibbles.

Our wine list is sourced from small vineyards we have visited and through recommendations from people we know. Our tiny footprint bar is lush with plants and decked out with found objects and recycled timber furnishings finished with bio oils.

It’s comfortable and cosy and we love to play an ecclectic array of fabulous music! In fact, bring in a record and we’ll cue it up on Carmen’s childhoood 70’s stereo.

Burgers and Ramones night with Yarra winemakers Luke Lambert and Dave Mackintosh

Friday 29 August 2014, 6pm

Luke Lambert's love of burgers holds no bounds. In fact he is actually a member of a burger club, go figure! Well it does figure somewhat because the last time he cooked up burgers at Monkey the joint was jumpin' and peeps came back in the during weeks following to ask for more only to be bitterly disappointed that it was a one off thing. No more tears everyone - Luke and his fabulous burger recipe is back with Davebro in tow to cook up some mean burgers to match their mean Yarra Valley wines: Luke Lambert Syrah and Chardonnay and Ar Fion Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris and Rose.
And to top off the salivating taste buds with an aural extravaganza we're dedicating the turntable to those legends of punk rock The Ramones! and in memory of Tommy Ramone.

Media for Monkey

Monkey had a mention in Max's Allen's article 'Raising the Wine Bar' in The Australian, Wednesday Dec 10. Max writes about heaps of fabulous bars across Australia and then ends with a state based list of 'where winemakers drink'. Monkey flies the flag for Melbourne thanks to some cool local winemakers who love our little bar.Thanks for the vote of confidence Dave of Ar Fion and Salo, Luke Lambert, Tom from Bobar and James from Jauma (SA).
If you missed the article have a read here, it's a pearler:

Raising the Wine Bar - Max Allen, The Australian Dec 10 2013

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Tuesday – Friday, 5pm till late.
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Garden open until 10pm.

For special occasions — contact Pauline or Leanne to book an event or party.

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